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Here is a sampling of our exclusive recipes from the Veritas Basic Healing Diet.  Members of Veritas Healthy Community have access to a growing list of healthy cooking options, tools to help navigate the markets to find the best choices and the benefit of being part of a supportive community who share in providing each other encouragement and resources each step along the way.

Baked Apple Sauce

Home Made Mayo

Bone Broth

Each month Veritas Kitchen brings members a variety of new ideas.  Our recipes include helpful prep tips and beautiful photographs to inspire your meal planning. The full library of recipes is available here any time for members of Veritas Healthy Community.

Chocolate Chip Pound Cake made w/Einkorn

Arguably, any cake is a special occasion dessert but this cake is a special, special occasion dessert not only because it is THAT DELICIOUS but, I’m not going to lie, it’s also a bit of a labor of love. Wait! Don’t leave! There are several steps but they aren’t...

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Grain Free Vanilla Cake

This has become my go-to cake for birthdays! Whether you are serving it decorated with buttercream icing, homemade whipped cream and berries or just as-is, this cake is always a party favorite.  This recipe makes one 8" layer.       Grain Free Vanilla Cake 4 eggs3/4...

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We want to connect Veritas Healthy Community members with resources that can greatly benefit them as they gain and maintain health and better nutrition. Our members aren’t all in Lubbock so, although local resources are very important, we also want to know about people, businesses, and services located all over Texas, New Mexico and beyond.

If this is you, please click here to contact us and tell us who you are!

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